About me

I was born in the French-German border, but I live in Spain for more than 40 years (I own dual nationality: French and Spanish). This personal circumstances allowed me to enjoy a wide ability multilingual domain German as mother language, French as the language of my country and the Spanish and Catalan languages in my country of adoption. Moreover, my academic and professional career has allowed me to enjoy a good command of English.

As indicated above, for more than 40 years living in Spain. It is in this country where I developed my career as a Private Investigator, so I had to abide by current legislation (the private detective profession in Spain is recognized and regulated by the Law 23/92 on Private Security and deployment of its corresponding regulation, which gives control of our functions to the Ministry of Interior, through the General Directorate of Police). Within this legal framework, I have the official card of Detective (license number 1056) and I´m a member of the Association of Private Detectives of Catalonia (to practice in Catalonia is obligated be registered). I´m also member by the German professional association BID (Bund der Internationale Detektive )and BDD (Bundesverband Deutscher Detektive) and de Swiss professional association FSPD.

I was working for over 20 years for one of the most important agency in Spain, last years I working as free lance, owner of my agency.

B) Details also over expertise (Location of persons- locating assets, Solvency reports, etc.) on my web: http://www.afeilendetectiv.es

C) About some important works performed:

• Due diligences in Europe and South America

• Community fraud (EU). Investigations into the illegal entry of sensitive material in Spain. Research conducted in person in Belgium, Holland and Morocco (Africa).

• Illegal trade of alcohol. I conducted in-person research on illegal alcohol trade between Spain and Portugal.

• International Fraud (Latin America). Irregularities in the fisheries agreement between the EU and Ecuador. I made inquiries in person about it in Ecuador.

• Other illegal imports from goods to Europe and trademark counterfeiting.

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